Heavy Petal

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Ok, i borrowed the title from the post from one of the websites i frequent, Heavy Petal. Find out about one of their covert greeny garden ideas here.
We finally got around to doing an unplugged kid project! The theme from a little bit ago was Petal...
i came across a brilliant use of the petal-ly persuasion at Resurrection Fern. I ADORE the beautiful treasures created and observed on this blog. It is deeply inspiring. So, for our petal project the lion cub and i deconstructed and reconstructed some flowers...it was perfect for a rainy overcast afternoon.

the materials have been gathered

now for some fuel!

yes, we made sure to use some recycled paper

A Fantastic Book on Natural Health

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I cannot recommend this book enough! It has helped tremendously when my little sprout has not been well. Aviva Jill Romm is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, experienced herbalist, midwife, and momma.

It makes for a good present, too!

Unplugging My Kid

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The lion cub leads a pretty unplugged life, as is...

When i came upon UnplugYourKid.com i thought what they do is fantastic. Here is the basic idea: Every week a theme is selected and you have full freedom to explore that idea creatively with your child. You take pictures of the process, progress, results, etc. and post them then link to the main website so others can see and enjoy. Here are some more details...

This week's theme is Dark. We are going to have a go next week with Petal.

There has been much jubilation since the iris and peonies started blooming so it should make for some really fun petal-ly projects.

Running with Rumi

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(i started this entry on the 22nd of April. then the fun began and continued and continues...i took a lot of shelter in the insights and inspiration of this beloved poet. his writings have provided a lot of strength and assurance and catalysts of introspection this past month.)

My mind and heart are being run through by rumi...
here are some gems from today...


When I am with you,
we stay up all night.
When you're not here,
I can't go to sleep.

Praise God for those two insomnias!
And the difference between them.

- Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi

Love is the cure
Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.

From Love Poems from God, by Daniel Ladinsky.


Ode 1823

I don't get tired of you. Don't grow weary
of being compassionate toward me!

All this thirst equipment
must surely be tired of me,
the waterjar, the water carrier.

I have a thirsty fish in me
that can never find enough
of what it's thirsty for!

Show me the way to the ocean!
Break these half-measures,
these small containers.

All this fantasy
and grief.

Let my house be drowned in the wave
that rose last night in the courtyard
hidden in the center of my chest.

Joseph fell like the moon into my well.
The harvest I expected was washed away.
But no matter.

A fire has risen above my tombstone hat.
I don't want learning, or dignity,
or respectability.

I want this music and this dawn
and the warmth of your cheek against mine.

The grief-armies assemble,
but I'm not going with them.

This is how it always is
when I finish a poem.

A great silence comes over me,
and I wonder why I ever thought
to use language.

-From Coleman Bark's Like This

For those who have a pretty penny to spare and want to wear their love for Rumi, you can check out what these people have to offer. I think i shall stick to memorization and internalizing.

I Spy Raw Fruit Cake!

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Okay, it wasn't me spying it...it was our dear family friend, Anand, visiting from DC. *Full disclosure* He wasn't really spying the fruit cake, this was part of the outdoor playing fun...but i thought it would be a cute and clever-ish intro to showing the raw goods...there you have it...honesty, the best policy! Albeit, not necessarily the smoothest policy...but he and his family did love these! They thought i should market them!

Yum! (modified recipe from The Complete Book of Raw Foods - will share later)

My Body's In-cyst-ing

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i have been off-line for a spell due to powers beyond me...

first the lion cub was under the weather (more on what helped with that later)...

and then my ovaries decided they wanted to have a party...the right one in-cyst-ed on inviting two friends...fun for the whole family!

just been resting and restoring energy. and eating some iron-filled green smoothies!


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doing a lot of cleaning these days - both inside and out. a lot is being unearthed and excavated.

i suppose this is a rite of the season.

now i come back rearranged, and yet the same, to share again and again.

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